Do I need an attorney to represent me?

In many states, the purchase of any real estate is handled by title companies.  New Jersey is very different, where the contract of sale is drawn up by realtors.  Once the contract is signed by both buyer and seller, it is then given to the lawyers for both parties.  On the contract, there is a provision for a 3 day attorney review period.  Even though there is a signed contract, the contract is not binding until approved by both lawyers.  From this point, forward, your lawyer is closed involved with you resolving any issues having to do with home inspections, closing dates, mortgages commitments, and title searches.  The closing documents are created by the attorney, and all dispersements are done by him.

How do I choose an attorney?

It is important to use a New Jersey attorney.  Many buyers come from New York and have been recommended to a lawyer from New York by a friend, or perhaps, someone they have dealt with in the past.  New York and New Jersey laws and procedures differ dramaticly, and it is best to have someone familiar with the local law.  In addition, it is a good idea to use an attorney whose practice is primarily real estate.  If you were to choose an attorney whose primary concentration is litigation, or divorce, for example, he might not be as familiar with normal expectations in terms of inspections, etc.  Here are some local attorneys I would suggest:

Melanie Factor-973-744-5594,

Shiela Mylan-973-571-1444,

Frank Martone-973-473-3000-he specializes in short sales, and he has an office staff well versed in how to work with the banks to get the short sale approved.

Lori Golia-973-744-2100,

John, 973-707-3393,

Barbara Gargiulo
Barbara Gargiulo
32 Valley Road Montclair NJ 07042